Sunday, July 31, 2011

sinner's bleed

Entombed "Clandestine" on black vinyl. Earache Records. What's to say? Possibly the greatest death metal LP of all time? Certainly arguable, and I have a hard time really trying to decide which I prefer, this or "Left Hand Path". If you want to talk superior production and the two best songs the band has written, then look no further. As a whole though, LHP is the more 'rounded' choice I suppose. Regardless, this is an album that I have wanted for a long time, and eBay secured it for something like $50 plus shipping. Not cheap I know, but it's never really going to get cheaper than that for this album.
Pressed in '91, I have no idea if the entire pressing was of this 'limited' embossed sleeve or not. Neither do I know how big the actual pressing was, but being an Earache release, I'd dare say that limited probably translates to something like a few thousand.
Embossed band logo and album title. Tried to get the best photos that I could.
With so many classic albums being reissued lately, and knowledgable of how much this thing regularly fetches on the collector market, I think it's about time that this one saw a repressing.
And the accompanying 7" single for the album that was released prior, "Crawl". Two songs here, the lead track, and a song that as far as I know hasn't appeared anywhere else, "Forsaken". The title track is a different recording to the "Clandestine" LP version, with vocals on both tracks handled by a fellow by the name of Ovar Säfström, who only recorded with the band for this single's sessions. A 12" version of this single also exists, with a third track, "Bitter Loss", a song that originally appeared on "LHP" but was subsequently re-recorded with Ovar. To be honest, the vocalist line up in this bands formative years can get quite confusing, as it seems that the duties were handled by a range of different guys who all managed to sound VERY similar. Though he's not credited, the bands drummer/main songwriter at the time, Nicke Andersson apparently handled all the screaming on the Clandestine LP. Had I not read this, I would never have guessed as he sounds amazingly similar to LG Petrov.
This was purchased on eBay for something like $20, though it's 12" counterpart regularly sells for upwards of $60, a gap I can't quite fathom properly, especially when there's only one extra track and identical artwork.

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