Monday, August 1, 2011

short straw

Everyone's been raving on about this LP, the debut Dead Language s/t album. This is on black vinyl, pressed by Iron Lung Records. I doubt at this point that I really need to explain this band? Members of a handful of great band playing blast ridden hardcore.
So basically this is just Iron Lung with Andy from No Comment on vocals plus a couple other guys from notable background filling the blanks. A few months back the band released a really good preview track that managed to build a bit of hype, but I've been a little disappointed with this album as a whole. Don't get me wrong, most bands work their entire lifespans to create music like this, but this just doesn't match up to most of the other music that these guys have created over the years (and decades). I'll listen to "Downsided", or "Sexless//No Sex" any day before I spin this.
Reading over my post, I realise that I sound really neg about this LP. I do like it, I just don't like it as much as I thought and hoped I would, or as much as associated releases.

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