Thursday, July 28, 2011

anxiety onset

The second last Mammoth Grinder tape that I needed was this cassette version of their MLP from 2009, "Extinction Of Humanity". As far as I know, this was sold on the tour for the album and possibly online in the Ghosthunt store around the same time.
Black print on a black cassette.
I was contacted by a good guy by the name of Andres who was willing to sell this to me. I think he reads this blog. Either that or he saw my HYE trade list.
Someone sell me the "Rage And Ruin" tape, that's the last one that I need.
So while talking with Andres, it came up that his bands new demo was doing the rounds. I hand't heard of them before and he offered to throw it in. This is the Seeds Of Rape demo, the limited mail order edition I was told.
Crushing powerviolence from Las Vegas. Since initially talking with Andres, a good amount of chit chat has surfaced around this band. I expect more in the next 12 months. Not keen on the name though.
So as far as I know, what makes this the mail order version is this x-ray insert...
And this little cut out medical slip.
I get the impression that the mail order portions were of 20. Mine's numbered as you can see. From what I can tell the rest were sold at shows and the like. As far as I know it's sold out now too.

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krivx said...

This was released recently on grindcore karaoke if people want to hear it.

Good band, I agree with you about the name though.