Wednesday, July 27, 2011

catacombs of the graceless

Last Hooded Menace related post (for now), their new split 12" with Washington DC's Ilsa. 500 copies on black vinyl, pressed by Contagion Releasing Records out of Seattle. Artwork by Ilsa's drummer, Joshua Brettell.
One track a piece, both exceeding the six minute mark. The HM contribution is a slow, plodding affair, what you'd expect from the band, though it's reasonably chilled out in comparison to their songs on the previous two posts I've made. It's still a metal song, the vocals are still terribly massive, but the riffs are more I guess 'rounded'. For me it's a mood song, but I can still enjoy it.
The Ilsa number is somewhat similar, they've been touted a death doom band, but there is a different vibe going on. For one the vocalist certainly has a range that would identify these guys more with a sludge/stoner kind of vibe. I really think that fans of bands like Thou would like these guys, but I would say the same thing about Hooded Menace too, and I seem to know some people that take sides with either one. Regardless, Ilsa are heavy and slow, just not as heavy (in the 'death' kind of way) as HM.
So with the previous days posts, I've been able to cut out a reasonable chunk of the Hooded Menace discography. Obviously I still need both of the LP's, the demo 7" and the split with Anima Morte. I wouldn't say that I am desperate for all of those records, but the "Fulfil The Curse" LP would be a great gain, for a reasonable price of course. Is anybody listening to me?

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