Wednesday, June 15, 2011

you're finished

Out now. Interview with Crowd Control, Irelands premier exponents of doom/death metal charged hardcore. Also contains ramblings, reviews, photos, my want list. $2 postage paid anywhere in Australia. Obviously gets cheaper if you buy multiple copies. No Patience Records should have some this week (along with Downpour, Slaughter Strike and Sick People demo tapes). I'd like to get some out to more distros around the country. International friends get in touch for rates.
Cover photo of Mindsnare by Jhat. No they're not in the zine.


Jack said...

how much to get some sent to the UK dude? i expect a fair bit.

Sean said...

I'll look into it tomorrow mate. How many were you after?

Jack said...

Depends how much they'll be but maybe 5-10?