Tuesday, June 14, 2011

destined to fester

Full circle (to an extent) I guess with today's post in Autopsy's second masterpiece, and the album that I was lucky enough to discover them with, "Mental Funeral". To give credit where credit is due, I will admit that "Severed Survival" is a great record, but this full length would have to be my favourite of their entire catalogue and pretty much the release that I compare virtually any other death metal record to, new or old. This is last years reissue from Peaceville Records on red wax. I grabbed this at the same time I bought the new album. I'm a little surprised at myself that I'm only just getting my hands on this now, but I suppose I wasn't willing to shell out the silly amount that this seems to regularly go for on eBay and the like. Combining this with the other LP made it alot more affordable. I must have got in just in time, as a couple of hours later this wasn't listed in the webstore any more.
Gatefold sleeve as you can see, single 12" though, unlike the new album's double LP. Having never seen an OG copy, I'm not too sure how this edition weighs up in terms of similarity to the original, but this is certainly a tidy little package.
Holograph sticker to tell you how 'limited' it is. Of 2000. I guess for a band of this influence and reputation 2000 is reasonably scant. Mine is number 564. I wonder how much extra it costs to print out 2000 individually numbered stickers as opposed to just writing it in?

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