Thursday, June 16, 2011

i made a pact

This is the "Magister Mundi Xum" demo tape from Norwegian riff connoisseurs, Devil. What else to say? They play hard rockin', rifftastic Black Sabbath styled doom metal. And they do it really well. Iron Bonehead productions made this possible.
Soulseller Records has recently reissued this in the form of a 10" record with some really awesome artwork. I've considered buying it just for the art alone. The label has also just put out the bands debut 7".
And another band named Devil, completely unrelated in any other way. This is their tape entitled "Live Entry". These guys hail from the USA, play filthy, gritty, lo-fi black metal, and are fronted by the Gehenna singer I think. This tape is a reissue of a 7" that came out early last year. I think I read somewhere that said record was limited to only 41 copies or something just as ridiculous. Vedavu Records issued this cassette and the 7".
This would have to be one of the tidiest tapes I own. Professional, glossy sleeve with heaps of folds. Really nice artwork. An Obi strip that wraps around just the first fold of the sleeve. This is the only Veduva release I own, but as far as I know, they're kind of a label that's renown for stuff like this.

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