Thursday, June 2, 2011

turn me loose

Dis-beat, Discharge styled hardcore punk is on today's agenda and it comes via the demo tape from Texas' own, Impalers. Black cassette, this edition has been pro dubbed by W Tapes, the label responsible for the bands debut 7". The band are selling said 7" on their current tour with Miasmal and others at the moment, and I've heard that it will be available to buy online soon.
Members of Hatred Surge and Mammoth Grinder as you've probably heard by now. A very basic release in terms the layout, just a simplistic j card insert, hence the lack of photos. This black cassette marks (I think) the third press that this demo has seen. The initial was handled by the band themselves, sold out on a short tour they did and had alternate artwork. The second edition was released last year and had the same art as this version but with a red cassette.
Black screen print on the tape.
Brisbane locals, I will have a handful for sale this Saturday at the mixed bill madness show, along with a handful of other tapes and zines.

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