Saturday, June 4, 2011

light of lune

Green & Wood put out an amazing LP in 2009 of pure Black Sabbath worship, arguably the best of it's kind in a modern day sense. This is the follow up to that album, the "Light Of Lune b/w Siren" 7" single. Black vinyl and handled by the label that did their LP, Cyclopean Records. The two songs here are an obvious follow on from those previous works. Much the same in style, but with a slightly cleaner recording that shines a different light on Ethan's vocals. Allows for more range. It works.
Artwork by Ralph Torres, I think he's the fellow that did the recent Iron Age tape too. No online presence that I can find, I'm curious to find out more about this guy.
Simplistic packaging, just a glued sleeve and this blue insert.
Cyclopean talks of a new upcoming LP this year.

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