Sunday, June 5, 2011

reasonable doubts

It occurred to me recently that the majority of the more genuine, focused hardcore that I listen to is stuff from the early-mid 80's. Most of my posting on this here blog is about bands that are either straight up metal, or have a strong metallic lean in one way or another. There's about four or five current hardcore bands that I'm actually enjoying at the moment, most of them play a take on hardcore from one of the big three east coast cities. With all that said, I do understand how ironic the following post may seem. This is the new Soul Search 7", "Intolerable Weight" on black wax thanks to Thick Skin Records. This is the vinyl pressing of their demo.
These guys take heavy cues from the harder 90's metallic hardcore bands from New York City. Thug mosh like early Biohazard, Crown Of Thornz and 25 Ta Life. Quite a modern vibe with these songs though thanks to the recording. Thick, heavy. Like I said, one of maybe five actual modern hardcore bands that I like at the moment. Not sure if it's the same with the entire pressing, but my copy came in a very simple package. No insert or anything, just the closed sleeve and the actual vinyl. Because of this I've only had to take two photos to cover the entire release, which leads me to the following record, perhaps a polar opposite...
The new split from Gorgonized Dorks and HFSS. Weird vomit vinyl on My Cheap Ass Life Records. I didn't buy this, it was sent to me (I think so that I'd throw it on this blog), so I almost feel obligated to make a post.
I've never heard of HFSS, and I think that Gorgonized Dorks may have passed over my radar once or twice. Both bands play a reasonably horrible take on fastcore/grind. I don't really know who to compare them to. As most would know, I do like heaps of good grind bands, but I don't like this at all. Sorry dudes.
Cool art on both sides though.

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