Sunday, June 26, 2011

i can't see

New stuff from Melbourne's heavy PV group Rort, in the form of their debut s/t 7". Black vinyl, Cucificados Records. Artwork by Rohan Harrison.
Alot of people have been comparing these guys to Mind Eraser, and to an extent I guess I can see the similarities. Heavy guitar tone, simple structures built around a mosh bit, blast beats etc etc. It's got a clear production not dissimilar to "Glacial Reign" but I'm not sure if the band themselves would agree with the pigeon holing. I think normally I'd be pretty into this, like if it were some American band, but I don't know, I just don't find it that interesting at all. Chris Cory has a knack for writing really catchy riffs and breaks, and all of his Mind Eraser structures are relatively simple, but extremely effective. These guys don't really possess such a talent. I think I need to give it some more time though, I hope it grows on me.

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