Monday, June 27, 2011

cream queen

This is the new demo from Chicago's Cyborg. Essentially this is just the guys from Weekend Nachos playing a more basic, messier version of what that band originally set out to do. Powerviolence. A nice, tidy arrangement by Yakuzzi Tapes.
This demo is not totally dissimilar from the early WN stuff, though it doesn't possess that low end that their material has always utilised. The singers crazy vocals from those early WN days are prevalent here, alot more noticeable than current WN stuff anyway, though not as full on as the "Torture" 7" for example. There's also a dual vocal approach with this band. The job isn't totally handled by just the regular WN guy.
And this is the 7" version of the demo, pressed by Deep 6 Records on black vinyl.
Somewhat of a boring layout, but it's just a demo 7", so I can deal.
None of this is groundbreaking whatsoever. The band would attest to that I suppose as well. I've never been a massive fan of Weekend Nachos either, so I'm not getting overly excited about this demo, though it is listenable, and entertaining enough for the eight minutes it goes for. It even warrants a few repeat listens, but nothing more really. With the popularity that WN seem to be achieving at the moment, it's hard to say wether Cyborg will see any regular attention, but I'd be interested to hear some more stuff.

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