Friday, May 20, 2011

things take a turn

I've never been insane about Toronto's Career Suicide. They bite on some old music that I love and I like the idea behind the band, but I've never heard anything of theirs that has really blown me away. This is their 7", "Cherry Beach". Black wax, Dirtnap Records.
This is a reissue following an original release by Sewercide Records back in 2008, to coincide with a tour that the band did of Ireland. This version has different artwork, some extra songs that weren't on the first press, and updated recordings of the originals.
Before this, "Attempted Suicide" was my favourite stuff of theirs, these tracks take the place on the mantel now as number one though. Compared to that previous LP (and much of their material), these tracks kind of have a much more 'rounded' recording, more rocky if you will. The songs have a slight lean in that direction too in terms of a writing point of view. Rockier leads and more of them, bouncy rhythms and sing along bits, and a and lead track that is nearly four minutes long.
Insert poster. There's a few random pics of the band live on the other side too, but blogger's being shit tonight and won't let me upload the photo of it.
I grabbed this from Rev. Pretty sure there's still copies available. The original was limited to 300 copies. I'm not 100% on it, but I have a feeling this edition isn't nearly as limited.

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