Monday, May 30, 2011

manic in the grips

Over the years I've managed to be able to post about just about each Trap Them release as it has come about. Add this one to the list, their new LP, "Darker Handcraft" on black vinyl, thanks to Prosthetic Records.
So as I mentioned, I've managed to amass a small TT them collection over time, but sometimes I question why I've bothered. They've had their moments over the last few years, but overall, I've never been crazy about them at all, and I don't really know why. This should be right up my alley. Heavy, frantic structures, Euro styled death metal guitar tone, dark aesthetic, but for some reason I've just never really been able to get really excited about anything other than a couple songs off the "Seance Prime" 7". Namely 'Pulse Mavens', what a song.
Anyway, with this new album, they continue down pretty much the same path they've tread for the majority of their life as a band. Energetic, mis-timed structures, blast beats, some big heavy riffs, raspy vocals. If you've heard anything they've done before then you know what to expect here. What makes this release a little different though, is the noticeably cleaner recording. They lose no punch with the approach, but it's markedly tidier, crisper and arguably a little more clinical sounding, almost generic.
Inner dust sleeve that acts as the liner notes. The record in my package came sleeved in a separate, white dust sleeve though.
Gatefold sleeve that is left to waste though. All black with a few scribbles at each end. It's all part of the 'look' though I guess.

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