Sunday, May 29, 2011

fulfil the curse

I'll admit that this is a band that I've only really learnt about in the last six weeks or so, well behind the ball. I speak of Finland's merchants of DOOM, Hooded Menace. I'm behind by two full length records and a handful of 7" releases, but I snared second dub press of their "Eyeless Horde" demo tape a couple weeks back on eBay for $15. Happy with that considering their first album regularly sells for $150 plus. Someone sell me that for a reasonable price by the way. This was pro dubbed by Witchhammer Records in 2009 following an original band version on CD-R in 2007.
Two tracks, both of which get a re-recording on said following LP, what you get here is roughly twelve minutes of really slow, heavy doom/death metal. Arguably some of the deepest, loudest vocals in any modern metal band today, and much the same could be said for the guitar and bass tones. You can't fuck with this band. The sound of hell.
This tape has just had an official repress thanks to Rusty Crowbar Records. Get on it. I think the artwork is slightly altered, but from what I can tell, it's more or less the same thing. This one is hand numbered, as displayed. Not sure if the new press will get the same treatment. I got a nice round number.
They've just had a couple new splits come available for order in the last fortnight too, from a couple different labels. A split LP with America's Ilsa, and a split 7" (available as regular vinyl and as a picture disc) with Asphyx from The Netherlands. I haven't actually checked, but judging by how hyped all of these bands are, and based upon the fact that all of their stuff always sells out fast, it wouldn't surprise me if these records have already been all snapped up. Check it though. Google.

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rasputin said...

definitely a good find, Hooded Menace are one of the best doom bands out at the moment. I'd love to get something of theirs on wax but all my budget has allowed in the past was a copy of their first album on CD =(