Saturday, May 7, 2011

idols to dust

I'm not a massive crust fan, and I'm definitely not into the bigger 'stadium' crust shit like Tragedy and the like. Little Sister from Cleveland play a brand of hardcore not totally dissimilar to the aforementioned, but this is for most part a really good demo tape. Titled "Repercussions", I'm assuming it's their demo anyway. As far as I know, they haven't recorded anything else at this point. Tape Haus/Big Purple put this out.
The majority of the songs here a dominated by a steady D beat and the standard powerchord, semi melodic riffage. The odd melodic picking lead gets a foot in here and there as per alot of bands of this ilk, of which I find a little annoying, but it's balanced out nicely by the general heaviness of the guitars and the cool vocals. I feel like I'm rambling a little, but I'm no good at describing bands like this. I'm not normally into this style of music, but this demo I am liking alot.
Pro job all round. Glossy, thick sleeve, pro dubbed cassette.
And this is the new demo tape from Melbourne's Kicked In. I suppose alot of people are digging this tape at the moment, and to be fair, it's not bad for an Australian release at all. I doubt I'd be as keen if it were an American outing. Anyway, these guys play a take on the gruff Boston pack ala SSD and Last Rights.
Very bare bones package all round. Simple sleeve. Home dubbed, spray painted TDK cassette. Sounds like shit, but I guess that's half the point.
Interested to see if this band bothers doing anything more, and if it's any good. Heaps of potential.

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