Friday, May 6, 2011

cultural colonialism

Subject to a fair share of hype at the moment are London's newest exports of fast, hateful hardcore, Stab. This is their demo tape. Comes in this cardboard box thing. I don't like it, but what you gonna do? It's just a case.
Compared constantly to Ripcord, and I think it's more than just a geographical thing, this is pretty fucking good, rough, scummy hardcore. Certainly a bit more of a modern, gruffer vibe too. See that hair on the insert? That's not mine, that's part of the copy.
My only problem with this actual cassette is the fact that the dub quality is terrible. Clearly not a pro job. The band uploaded a track on their blog a while back, and that original copy sounds a million times better than what you get on this tape. I think it's pretty much the only thing that stops this demo from being total top shelf. I'm kind of hoping the full version materialises in it's original master online at some point soon, but the only thing that's available at the moment are other peoples home rips that sound just as average as mine. Bummed.
Good fucking demo none the less. Recommended.

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