Wednesday, May 4, 2011


Nabbed this cassette on eBay for $6 a few weeks back. To be honest I was prepared (and expecting) to pay a reasonable amount more. Are kids not psyched on Soul Swallower like I am? I thought they were pretty hyped amongst the Boston nu scene. Anyway, this is their "Devoured" promo tape for their upcoming LP of the same name.
Torn as to wether I should make a detailed post about the band now, or if I should save it for when I get the proper vinyl. If I wait for the later, it could be months. Painkiller is taking a LONG time to get this record to the masses. I'll wait. Listen to a track here.
All I can say is that these tracks here are better than the stuff from their 2007 (I think?) 7", and those songs were top class. Just you wait.


Loathsome said...

any chance you post the hole cassette??

LHP said...

sick fucking shit!
and yeah, painkillers been lagging it on a lot of stuff, unfortunately :/