Monday, May 9, 2011

deathlust vortex

This is Delayed Response #3, the "Winter's Agony" demo tape from Canada's exponents of raw, Repulsion/Carcass/early Napalm Death inspired metal, Slaughter Strike. This is an Australian edition of the demo, following a now sold out version that the band themselves issued earlier in the year (Survivalist). Tailing the initial "Litany Of Vileness" demo in late 2009 and the MLP, "At Life's End" on Cyclopean records last year, this final outing represents all of the bands written material to date, and also serves as their obituary. Yeah, they broke up. Damn it. Two new tracks and a COC cover. There are 50 copies of this, and I won't be doing any second dubs. When they're gone, they're gone. $5 post paid inside Australia, international orders will cost a little more. Get in contact if you want one at-


Emil Tibell said... is in dire need of acquiring one of these tapes. I've tried to contact you numerous times.

Sean said...

Emailed pal. Get back to me.

Emil Tibell said...

Got your email, sent a reply just now. Let me know if you get it this time around. Essential tape.