Wednesday, April 20, 2011

stay up, stay alive

Another cool Triple B Records band, this is the debut Dead End Path 7" "Death Walks Beside Us" on green vinyl. These guys sound like early Biohazard or Crown Of Thornz or something equally as thuggish. Lots of single chord chug, but hints of metal here and there with the odd creative lead. I'm digging this alot.
This wont turn haters of this style, but who cares? Perfectly suited to Triple B I guess.
Guest vocals by that dweeb from that Eulogy band The Warriors. That band went to shit didn't they? Their first LP was great though. (Edit- Turns out it's the dude from Mother Of Mercy, don't know how that got passed me. Thank you blog commenter).


VocalxTest said...

The guest vocals are by the singer of Mother of Mercy/Let Down, not The Warriors.


and isnt there dan mills from cold world on the first track?