Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Grave Digger

Being the OCD fuckhead that I am, every now and then I'll buy a record just to catalogue a certain band at certain time rather than to actually listen to it. That's what's happened here. I'm not crazy about Fire & Ice, I certainly don't hate them, but there's probably at least ten records I've got stacked in front of this one. This is their first 7" "Gods & Devils" from the second press on coke bottle blue. Triple B Records.
Good modern NYHC tip, much in the vein of Warzone, Cro Mags etc etc. Couple of the guys from the now defunct Iron Boots also, but this doesn't really weigh up to anything that band did. I think that's a contributing factor as to why I bought this too, everything Iron Boots did fucking ruled.
So yeah, I don't care a huge amount for this band, but I'm happy to have this one in the collection. I've got their other 7" in the mail too. Triple B has some 'collection' LP coming out soon also, I think with just the two 7"s compiled on the one slab. Probably won't get that, but I guess if you're nuts about this band you will too. I think I read that it will be glow in the dark. Nice.

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