Tuesday, April 26, 2011

don't get stuck

Here's a record that has been getting a decent amount of rotation around these parts as of late, the new Stick Together 7", "No More Games". Straight up, no bullshit hardcore, I like to compare these guys to bands like United Youth and Free Spirit, being that they've been able to generate a huge amount of hype over the last 12 month from a relatively brief release schedule. Black vinyl. Back To Back Records.
They did a demo last year full of relatively short, angry straight edge hardcore anthems akin to alot of the self empowering approaches of most of the 90's NYHC bands. This record continues along the exact same path, just with a better recording, and what I perceive to be much better written songs. Catchier, hookier. This ain't no youth crew rehash though, this is just tough, fast hardcore. Think Krakdown mixed with something like Floorpunch and you'd be close.
New 7" out on Triple B this year.

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