Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Here's a band who's sound seems to have experienced a kind of 'modest' progression over the years, Finland's grind masters Rotten Sound. This is their s/t EP from a few years back, I picked it up at my local a few weeks ago for $10. I know nothing about it really other than the fact that it contains all previously released material from various records of theirs and that only 400 were pressed on this grey vinyl. From what I can tell this was more or less pressed by Spine Farm Records just as a promotional tool for the band on tour. Something like that anyway.
They've always been a grind band, they still are, but you can't deny how much more accessible they sound these days. The new LP is more or less an exact splice of early Trap Them and 'Diatribes' era Napalm Death. I can certainly understand how the new sound will appeal to fans of the more kind of 'mainstream' sound ala Deathwish inc etc anyway. This EP spreads across an era of this band before they really started to tread this new path though.
Simplistic, kind of sterile packaging. I know little about Spine Farm, but labels that use ugly barcodes must be kind of big. I've spoken of my distaste for that kind of thing before, I'd hope that most people would agree with me. Why you need a barcode on an edition of 400 is beyond me.
Regardless of my bitching, this is a good little EP and I'm stoked on grabbing it for the price I did. Band is probably at the top of the Euro crop when it comes to this Nasum styled metal/grind approach.

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Sombrero_man said...

Spinefarm is owned by Universal steangely enough hence your bardcode, ps great blog.