Monday, March 14, 2011

Stare At The Walls

Picked up this Walls tour 7" a couple weeks back when they were here in town with Iron Lung. Like the Iron Lung tour 7" that I picked up at the same show, this record is a repress. And again, I'm not sure of the exact details of this one. I do know that it's at least the second edition. The band fucking killed it live, as does this EP. Iron Lung Records, clear green vinyl, not sure of the numbers.
And the 3rd record I picked up at the show, this Total Control EP, "Retiree b/w Meds II" on blue vinyl, again, Iron Lung Records. Simplistic packaging, just the record with the printed dust sleeve. I wish there were more record labels in Australia than just No Patience doing bare bones vinyl like this.
An Australian edition of this single was also pressed at some point so I've read. Thank Fifth Column for that one.
I'm not gonna lie, I'd never paid this Melbourne band any attention before I grabbed this single, and I know why; this is really quite out of my taste range. Noisy, electronic, synth punk. They utilize a drum machine, and lay heaps of effects on the vocals. I might mention that this is the work of DX (Distort, Straightjacket Nation, UV Race), and Mike (Eddy Current Suppression Ring) too. Worth having it for the sake of it though.

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marrowmonkey said...

In Aus when spending thousands to press a vinyl you may as well fork out the extra couple $$ to make it look pretty.