Friday, March 11, 2011

Slums Of Heaven

The second Black Congress single, "Defeated b/w Slums Of Heaven", these guys continue on with their modern take on 90's greats like Jesus Lizard and Shellac. This isn't as tech or as good as the first single, but it's still an interesting listen. Death Exclamations Records put this out last year, and I ordered it then too, but the label apparently lost my order and then took forever to post out my new one. The dude did refund me the cash though and still send me the record. So I am grateful. Black wax, not sure how many were pressed.
News of this 7" surfaced at the same time as the info on the first one did, and at the same time word was told of more to follow after these two. Nothing more has been said since, but the OCD in me hopes they do more short singles like this with the similar layout. I like it.

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