Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Painful Truth

Here's a record I've wanted for a little while, the "Legions Bow To A Faceless God" LP from As Hope Dies. There's no real reason that I hadn't bought this yet other than the fact that every seller on eBay wanted stupid amounts in postage. Blood splatter vinyl, Undecided Records released this in 2003.
I think I've spoken lightly about these guys on this blog before; brutal, black metal influenced metalcore from that genres heyday. Not necessarily what may be considered cool anymore (or ever by some), but I think these guys are a perfect example of a good metal band going beyond and above alot of that kind of shit from that time. These guys were fucking heavy, fast, and loud.
Gatefold LP. As you may have guessed from the album title, lyrical content here is focused primarily on anti god/christian/religious topics. It may be somewhat juvenile but there was certainly a market for this stuff back then, and I prefer this to alot of the other mindless dribble that alot of bands like this tended to focus on at the time.
Interesting point, the drummer from this band went on to be the stickman for Graf Orlock. That's how I came across this LP at a reasonable shipping rate; I was buying the new Graf 10" from Vitriol Records and the label had a pile of these for a really good price with reasonable postage costs. Couldn't say no.
The band released one EP before this album of similarly heavy, dark metal, and one EP afterwards of relatively boring, cliched metalcore. It's a shame they went out on a note like that, but at least they put together this great LP.

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