Thursday, March 3, 2011

Man's Son

Heathens used to be called Heathen. They released a 7" then they turned their name into a plural. I think it was because there were some copyright infringements or some bullshit. I bought that 7" but I wasn't crazy about it. Dark, heavy metallic hardcore. This new LP of theirs, "II" is much the same thing. White vinyl. Last Anthem Records.
Gatefold sleeve, really cool artwork. I mean it's not much I guess but I'm really into the colours. The green and black work great for me. I'm a simple fella. You probably already knew that.
There's somewhat of a story behind the release of this album. I'm not totally clear on the details as I read up on them long after everything happened, but apparently Thrashed Records (the label that did the first EP) was supposed to release this, took a pile of peoples cash in preorders, then went bust and disappeared from the face of the earth. So some people were understandably upset. Then after some months Last Anthem decided to jump in and lend a hand.
This is better than the 7". I've read in a few places people comparing them to Mind Eraser. I can understand that to an extent, though this is nowhere near as good. Same feel though... heavy, dark, slow bits offset with blast beats, and plenty of mosh parts. I can sit and listen to this from beginning to end and not get bored, but it doesn't get my blood pumping like "Glacial Reign".
I think this will get passed up by alot of people because of a lack of hype. I certainly would never have bothered with this, or even known it existed for that matter, had a friend not suggested it to me randomly. Take it or leave it I guess.

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Frank said...

Fucking Thrashed Records. Pre-ordered the Moutheater LP from them, still bummed that never happened.

Glad I didn't order this along with it. Would be out $40.