Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Let The Night Roar

This is the A389 Records pressing of the Integrity/Creepout split 7", "Love is... The Only Weapon". Mixed shitty vinyl. This was originally pressed in limited numbers by Jukeboxxx Records out of Japan. Dom repressed a few months back. I didn't go out of my way to find this. I stumbled across it at my local so I thought I'd pick it up.
Reasonably standard fair from Integrity. Certainly in line with their later era stuff. Mid paced to fast, metallic hardcore with heaps of leads and mosh bits aswell. Nothing bad, but as is the story with pretty much any later Integrity, there's nothing really special going on here at all. Worth the $10 I guess, not much more though. Creepout play a gruff, thick brand of hardcore heavily reminiscent of alot of that mosh vibe. They're certainly influenced hard by alot of that mid to late 80's NYHC for sure. I actually prefer their side of this record, but in reality, this is very basic stuff. Not what I was expecting from a Japanese band either.
Maybe one day the Integrity/Rot In Hell split 7" will happen. It's been a year since I paid for my preorder. Apparently Dwid is working on some epic book to accompany the release. All fair I guess, but Thirty Days Of Nights Records have done a terrible job of keeping payers informed. Too busy selling a million merch designs online it seems. Terrible.

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