Thursday, March 31, 2011

Death Scent

I know fuck all about Closure other than the fact that they're from the UK and that they play a heavy brand of PV akin to Crossed Out but with a slightly more metallic tip. This is their s/t 7" on clear vinyl. Feast Of Tentacles Records. The main reason I grabbed this is because the label put it up for order at the same time as the Rot In Hell/Horders split. Hadn't heard of them before that, but boy do I wish I'd heard of them earlier.
Now with a little investigation I've found that the band have another s/t 7" out that TDON Records did last year (or maybe in 2009, I'm not sure). This is somewhat the same as that record, it's just heavier, the vocalist has applied a far more gruff approach and they've employed the use of a second, more whinier vocalist in parts. I'm assuming he's one of the other musicians in the band. I don't like it, but it's bareable. They'd do much better with just the one, main singer.
I also found that I have an album on my computer that's labeled as the Moloch/Closure split that I hadn't actually listened to yet. Their are no Moloch tracks under this name on my hard drive, just these Closure ones, and with a light google search I can't find any such release online, so it's possible that I have mis tagged these tracks somehow. I don't know how I could have though. Anyway, these 'split' tracks are actually the same songs that are on this new 7", with one or two named differently. Someone help me out here.
Anyway, fucking good band, right up my alley. I hope I might get the chance to see them when I'm over there. I'm digging hard for more good British bands at the moment.
This record also came with a cloth patch which I forgot to take a photo of, but you get the idea. A black cloth with the bands logo on it.

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