Saturday, February 19, 2011

Survival Of The Streets

"The Age Of Quarrel" reissue on Mightier Than Sword Records. Not sure what the deal is with this reissue and this label in general. Never heard of the label until now and they've worked with bands like Blink 182. I think they have some big time label connection or something. Someone help me out. This is on red and black swirl of 400.
Gatefold sleeve with this inner. I probably would have left it like the original, but you get what you get I suppose. It's still quite nice/tidy etc.
No inner sleeve with censored or uncensored artwork. Bummer.
Matte sleeve as opposed to the original which was a glossy job. It's okay in real life but it makes for a somewhat tricky photo. Hard to make it look good anyway.
New one and the OG. Front.

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