Monday, February 7, 2011

Demonation, I Am

So finally, here's the vinyl pressing of the s/t Abraxis album from 2009. Shredding holy terror styled hardcore from my home town of Brisbane. Easily competes with anything else like this, anywhere in the world. Pressed by Craigos and Midnight Funeral Records. Black vinyl of 150 only.
Brilliant, unfinished card stock with a direct screen print. I'm a slave for wood carving styled designs like this. I'm sure that I've seen this design somewhere before though.
If you don't know the story, basically this band is a one man thing, being the brain child of one Andy 'Wounds'. He wrote, tracked and demo'd all of the music himself and enlisted another dude to record live drums for this release. Somewhat well known around QLD, he's been involved with various other mediocre bands before, but clearly he's in his own element here, this tops anything else he's done ever.
Someone convince Rot In Hell that a split with Abraxis would be a great idea.


Good One Dick Head! said...

I only ended up getting 115 copies plus 10 Test Presses.

Sean said...

sell me one of those tests mate.