Sunday, February 6, 2011

Street Meat

Always late to the party when it comes to good Canadian bands, I've only recently really started to enjoy Omegas. I think the main catalyst in my interest comes from the fact that Painkiller Records will releasing a new record of theirs this year. Anyway, this is their second 7", "Sonic Order" from 2009 on this shitty purple mix wax that I've referenced before with various A389 releases. Thank Chris Colohan and his label High Anxiety Records.
I guess the best way to describe these guys would be to compare them to various snotty 80's Boston groups. That's what I'm hearing anyway. FU's, Gang Green etc. Maybe even a bit of Urban Waste/earlier NYHC too. I've heard alot of people compare the vocalist to Darby Crash, though I've never been a Germs fan so you'll have to check that out for yourself. Regardless, these guys do a fantastic take on 80's USHC in general.

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