Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Libertine Dissolves

I recently made a Deathwish Inc order to get my hands on a couple new releases of theirs (of which I'll probably post about over the next week or so) and today said order arrived with this bonus 7". Now recently the label signed this new black metal band, Deafheaven after the band released their first demo tape, and this 7" is a repress of two tracks from the tape. "Libertine Dissolves" and "Daedalus" are the two better tracks on the demo and what you get here. Now I know I said black metal, but I don't mean the metal of the Norwegian kind. No kvlt grimness here. This is this new hipsterish brand of it, no corpse paint, relatively normal looking dudes etc. The style popularised by Wolves In The Throne Room, various Youth Attack bands and the like. This stuff is alot more bearable than 80% of the Deathwish roster, but I can only just sit through the four songs on this bands demo. I'm curious to see how bearable a full length will be.
The story with this actual record is a relatively simple one; the label pressed 1000 copies, all on black vinyl with plain black labels and this simple matte sleeve, and have been sending it out for free, randomly tucked in with mail orders. Apparently they sent some out to random stores in the USA too. For some reason I didn't like my chance at getting one, but after doing the math, I probably shouldn't have been so doubtful. Two other friends of mine here in Australia also got one each. I guess not everybody is as lucky though, this record has been selling for up to $35 on eBay recently. Typical Deathwish nerdarios I guess.

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Good One Dick Head! said...

I actually have 2 copies so far hahaha.