Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Won't Take No More

This is a band that I certainly slept on until recently. This the new 7" "Free Yourself" from Boston's Free Spirit. Thinking about why this band wasn't on my radar, I put it down to two things. A) I wasn't that keen on their demo, too short, and the mix didn't work for me. I could appreciate what they were doing (shameless Straight Ahead worship), but the demo was just missing what I was after, and B) The bands name put me off a fair bit (regardless of the fact that I love Straight Ahead, it came off as a little fruity to me). So with all of that in mind, I missed the pre orders for this from Triple BBB/Lockin Out Records, and subsequently chased this clear edition of 100 down on eBay. I paid $20 plus shipping.
In my opinion this record is alot better than the demo, the production is louder, and the dudes vocals benefit ten fold because of that. Fans of any of that mid 80's NYHC ala Straight Ahead and related bands should love this.
Largish, glossy, fold out poster inside with this on one side...
...and this on the other.

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