Sunday, January 2, 2011


First post of the new year, I had planned to put together some kind of best of 2010 list similar to last year, but the truth is I just can't be arsed with it. Maybe I'll get around to it, but if I can't find the motivation within this week I doubt I'll bother. Anyway, this is the other half to the recent Divisions score I made on VLV a few weeks back. The "Fin" tape, and I'm assuming that you've gathered that this was their last release. Once again, another Human Crush release.
Now last week I said that this tape is 'epic'. Epic in the sense of how they've packaged it all up. Comes in a snap bag with everything here. The red part is a had screened piece. I have a feeling it's a sticker too, but I'm not peeling to find out. The piece in the middle is a transparency clipping with the band name printed on it. Various other little bits too as you can see including a pin badge.
This copy comes to me missing one piece, and that's a live bullet that it was originally sold with. Obviously there is no hope of this thing being mailed to Australia bullet and all, so the dude I bought it from kept it. He told me he'd shoot something cool with it haha.
Pro cassette.
Hand numbered 218 of 300.
This material is most likely their best stuff, along with the 7". Certainly the most detailed tape in my collection now. More stuff like this from more bands please. I certainly won't argue.

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