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So I got off my butt and did it, my best of 2010 list. I've kept it simple, breaking it up into four categories; LPs, EPs, splits and demos/tapes. None of these are in particular order, it's too hard to choose between some of them, but I'd go as far to say that the first choices in each category are in fact my favourites of each said format. No links either, some of these I haven't actually got my hands on a hard copy yet, but don't worry, anything I don't have, I am working at procuring, or I do have, I just haven't had a chance to post about yet. Here ya go...

-All Out War- "Into The Killing Fields"
Easily my favourite release of 2010 across the board. Brutally heavy, clearly I am a metal kid at heart.
-Crowd Control- S/T
Yet to procure myself a real copy of this, all I have is a digital rip from an online stream. Very nearly did this knock All Out War from the top of the mantle though. Pure dirge/death metal mastery. Best Irish band of all time.
-Black Breath- "Heavy Breathing"
-I Exist- "I: A Turn For The Worse"
-Terror- "Keepers Of The Faith"
-Caulfield- S/T

-Colony- S/T
Out of nowhere. No hype. No big labels. No prior warning. This record blew me away. So keen to see what else they do.
-Rival Mob- "Hardcore For Hardcore"
-Urban Blight- "Total War"
-Volcanic Slut- "Blasphemaster"
-UX Vileheads- "Catch 22"
-Extortion- "Loose Screws"
-Vaccine- "Human Hatred"
-Crowd Control- S/T
-Vile Gash- S/T
-Thou- "Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For" MLP
Pretty sure this 2010 version is a reissue by Robotic Empire, but I only tacked on with it's release, so I think it fits here. Easily my favourite Thou stuff. Pure sludge mayhem. I get goosebumps every time from side A.
-Viper- Demo 7"
I'm almost positive that the demo came out at the end of 2009, but this 7" reissue saw the light in 2010. G.I.S.M. worship.
-No Tolerance- Demo 7"
Same story with this 7". Released in 2010 after the demo came out in 2009 (or possibly even 2008 if memory serves). Don't fuck with Boston.
-Free Spirit- "Free Yourself"
-Tear Gas- S/T

-Pulling Teeth/Shin To Shin
One song from each band, I don't give a shit about the Pulling Teeth track. S2S is virtually my favourite song of 2010 though, so of course this split takes the cake.
-Mind Eraser/Slang
-Rot In Hell/Wayfarer
I've documented a long term fondness of Rot In Hell, and while their track here is bonza, Wayfarer are the band that really shines with this split.
-In Disgust/Pretty Little Flower
-Mob Rules/Crowd Control

-Reckless Aggression- Demo
All the hype is deserved without any doubt. I've talked with various people who aren't as keen, but I've also talked with just as many who get a full mongrel the way I do about this demo. Meatdog is a fucking mad man on the mic. Demo of the decade.
-Skrapyard- Demo
-Black Jesus- Demo
-Night Prowler- Demo
-Dishammer- Discography Cassette
-Scapegoat- Tour Cassette
-Boston Strangler- "Outcast" Demo
-Tremors- Demo

2011, new material that I'm looking forward to:
Hatred Surge/Mammoth Grinder split LP
Converge LP
Reckless Aggression demo 7" and possibly new 7"
Scapegoat/Mind Eraser/Iron Lung/Hatred Surge 4 way split 2x7"
Vaccine 5"
Rot In Hell LP
New Lows LP
Boston Strangler LP
Get Destroyed 7"
Soul Swallower LP
Waste Management 7"
Dead Language LP
No Tolerance 7"s
No Comment reissues
Low Threat Profile LP
Mother Of Mercy LP
Straight Jacket Nation 7"
Mindsnare/Ringworm split 7"

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