Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Terror Cycle

While the All Out War LP may have taken the pole position in my releases of 2010, Ireland's Crowd Control are my favourite band of that year. As I've detailed in the recent past, I grabbed their split 7" with Mob Rules in the first half of last year more so to give Mob Rules a try. I didn't really start to warm to Crowd Control a heap until November or so. That's when I tracked down the online stream of their amazing LP and the label that pressed and sold this s/t 7" of theirs. That label is Disposable Culture Records. Black wax. 45 hole.
I am obsessed with this band now, and so eager to learn more as they certainly seem to come across as a somewhat 'mysterious' kind of group. No contact details anywhere, no real online presence except for a myspace that they never frequent, and no way I can get in contact with them so I can grab a copy of their shit hot s/t LP (SOMEONE HELP ME OUT WITH THAT ONE).
The best way I can describe this 7" is to tell you that it's like a mosh band with blast beats, and a thick as fuck, sludgy production. Side A contains three heavy songs built around massive, tasteful breaks. Side B is clearly a different recording (I suspect the same sessions as their LP, it sounds much the same), with one original work and two covers. 'Misery' by Bastard and 'Serve And Protect' originally by Citizen's Arrest is what you get, and they're both done extremely well. Fans of their split-mates Mob Rules will love this, as will I'm sure fans of Autopsy, Assuck, Taste Of Fear, Neanderthal and modern acts like Mammoth Grinder and Mind Eraser.
Whereas this EP does have a strong mosh slant, the LP that I rave on about seems to aim at a more focused death metal/doom approach. Attribute that I think to the raw as hell production. I've posted about said LP in the past on this blog. Use the search bar to find the online stream that I speak of. It blew my head off, I hope it will yours. Someone hook me up with an avenue to chase down that 12", it's my #1 current wanted modern day record.

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