Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mammoth Falls

This is the new split 7" between southerners I Exist from Canberra and Phantoms from Sydney. Resist Records has just pressed this and it's 'water and piss' (blue and yellow) of a more limited but unknown (to me) edition. A larger press of black exists too I think. The story behind this record is that the idea for it was basically conceived early last year when the two bands were on tour here in QLD. They went to our local water park and decided to make a water park themed record. Hence the artwork, names for the tracks, record colour etc etc.
I liked I Exists last LP, but I haven't been able to enjoy anything else of their's. Their songs on this split though are pretty good. One is re-recorded (and slightly altered) from their demo. Both have a nice thick sound and do well to purvey the sound that they're known for. I don't like Phantoms, but I guess they do their thing well. They sound like they're ripping pretty hard on modern NYHC like Bitter End and the like. I've also heard them compared to Merauder, but I have a little trouble hearing that.

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