Wednesday, January 19, 2011

How High (Can A Punk Get)

This is the remaining three records that Lewis and No Patience Records had up as part of the package deal with the Shock Value 7" that I posted about last week. First up is the debut Bloodclot Faggots 7". These guys have been around for a little while but I've never really paid any attention at all, and to be honest the only reason I originally ordered this record was because it was part of the package deal and I mostly wanted the Shock Value ep (the same goes for the other records in this post). I'm glad I ordered this though, it's pretty good. Noisy, rocky punk that's fast at times and just generally pissed off sounding. I wouldn't really know how else to describe it, generally I don't listen to much else like this. Lewis called this 'idiot pop' on a forum recently. Black vinyl, 45 hole, not sure of the numbers.
The Warchildren 7". I like this for the most part, it reminds me of Dry Rot and similar bands. Somewhat noisy kind of outsider hardcore ala United Mutation, Void and the like. Interesting lyrics from Sean too. Black wax and a 45 hole again, limited to 300 copies.
And the Logjammers single. Not my thing at all. Weird, obnoxious surf punk sounding stuff with heaps of noisy guitar bits and what sounds like improvised pieces here and there. I like the idea of an Australian label releasing bare bones singles like this though.

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