Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Learning To Scream

What I really know about Poison Idea is miniscule at best, but I do know that anything post Pig Champion era is regarded as 'not real Poison Idea', and I suppose I can understand what fans mean. To my knowledge 1998's "Learning To Scream" 7" was the bands first effort without him. To my further knowledge this is a reissue of said release, I picked this up from Rev recently. Taang! Black wax.
The three songs here aren't anything terrible. A reasonably clean sound compared to "Pick Your King" and the like, but for the better part it's a solid punk sounding effort. The two B side tracks experiment in some metal kind of leads, but for the most part this reminds me of their earliest efforts and to an extent mid era Black Flag and the like.
Simplistic packaging. Just this glossy, glued sleeve and simple label insert that Taang! seem to be doing with most of their current releases. Hints of some amazing stuff from the label coming up this year too.

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