Monday, December 20, 2010

Internal Dialogue

This is a cassette that I've had for at least 18 months, possibly more, but I don't think I ever posted about with proper pics etc. The Mind Eraser demo tape from 2003. This is an earlier Painkiller Records release, PKR #1.5.
The band have made it rather clear about their general distaste for this recording and distanced themselves accordingly. With that in mind this demo is certainly not without it's charm. The recording is somewhat muddy, but many of these tracks appear on the following "Cave " LP and shred on that album. I can imagine hearing the band for the first time via this tape and being blown away. Cave was my first Mind Eraser experience though.
Think I Care and Taste Of Fear covers, they serve both tastefully. I'm rather fond of the TOF re-do of 'Pro Life, No Mind'. The TIC cover is from that bands first 7" too, so you know it's better stuff.

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