Monday, November 1, 2010

Lunar Activities

Here's one that will probably go under the radar with most people, the new Volcanic Slut EP, 'Blasphemaster'. Black wax. Vinyl Rites Records. These guys play dirty 80's thrash/death/black metal, and they do it really well. Their demo from earlier this year would have to be one the best demos of 2010 hands down, and this thing isn't much different. Three tracks of charging, kicking, thrashing metal. Members of Nazi Dust among other Floridan notables so I've heard, I can't believe that these guys don't get more hype.
And thanks to Team Science Records, here's the first Black Congress single, 'Davidians b/w London's Burning' on black plastic. These guys play a style of noisy hardcore not dissimilar at all to old Jesus Lizard and Shellac with a more modern recorded sound and a harder edge. This is the first in a series of 7"s coming out apparently, as of now the second in line, 'Defeated b/w Slums Of Heaven' is also available on Death Exclamations Records. Not usually the kind of stuff I can really enjoy, but this is pretty fucking cool. Worthy of the $10 (or so) you'll pay.
The lead track on this single lifts a distinctive riff from 'Amen' by Sepultura. Whether it was a conscious effort or not (I'm willing to bet it wasn't), the likeness is uncanny. Just play the two back to back. Like it matters anyway, but it crossed my mind.

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