Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Violent Arrest

In 1984 Modern Method Records originally released this 7" by Boston's The Freeze, 'Guilty Face'. In 2007 Schizophrenic Records reissued it on red vinyl of 200 copies. Here is said reissue. I've only really started to become fond of this band in the last month, I don't know why though, I have had digital of this EP for something like two years. I think it's a matter of 'got swept under the rug' while I was listening to other stuff. Regardless, this is that classic early Boston sound ala groups like The F.U.'s and Gang Green.
Like I said, this is a reissue, repressed with two bonus tracks; 'We're Not The Abnormal Ones' and 'I'm Too Good For You', both of which were originally recorded for the Boston Not L.A. comp but omitted due to time constraints. I must make note that this EP was also reissued as a 10" in 1991 with those same two bonus tracks plus another track pulled from their first LP.
I've never been a huge fan of the way Schizophrenic lay out their records. I don't know why, they always just have a funny feel. I'd love to see an actual OG copy of this to make comparisons.
In the grand scheme of things I don't usually buy too much into this kind of hardcore. When it comes to Boston stuff, I am normally much more fond of the harder edge bands like SSD and Neg FX etc. I can dig this though, and while I never would actually chase an original pressing of this EP, I think having a copy of the reissue at least, is an obvious prerequisite for any self respecting hardcore record collector. I got mine.

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