Friday, October 29, 2010

Sink To The Bottom

Few tapes, first up, the 2008 demo from now defunct Melbourne youth crew act, Can't Relate. Now I never find it easy to get into stuff like this, ever. But for some reason, this demo always struck a chord with me. I think it was the dudes cool vocals, and the grooved out mosh bits. I've had the digital of this since 2008, but never any hard copy, and always wanted one. Well, Euro label Forever Young recently put this out, a friend of mine made an order for a few and I jumped on it.
Sprayed yellow cassette with a tidy red stencil. Pro looking insert.
Next two: the Reality Unfolds demo and the Risk And Reason mix tape. Both of these were dubbed by Craigos at Midnight Funeral Records for the bands recent Tasmania tour. As you can probably tell, the Reality Unfolds demo is there fucken demo, the R&R cassette is a mix of previous demos and a few tracks from their forthcoming 7" that Craig is pressing next year.
Crafty little sticker to seal the case. I just popped it at the hinges so not to tear it.
Sprayed black splatter on a red cassette, and hand numbered 08/37.
Black splatter on white, hand numbered 28/33.
And the Michael Crafter 'D.Y Or Die' cassette. This band weirds me out a little. Kind of emo violence-grind, with an obvious shit stirring sense of humour.
They toured here recently, but I wasn't keen enough to go see them. I just managed to grab this because my local had a random copy and I thought I'd give it a go.

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Brad said...

Can't Relate hailed from Adelaide i thought. Still have the cd of that demo. Mental that a Euro label redid it. So catchy. Shame they didn't do another release.