Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sniper Parade

Here's one of these Youth Attack bands that has been developing a reasonable amount of hype lately... this is the new Veins s/t 7" on white wax. Like I said, Youth Attack Records. I didn't realise this until after I bought it, but this is just the bands demo remastered and put to vinyl. Like it matters to me anyway, it's a great recording. Think fast, messy, dirty hardcore akin to other YA groups like Aerosols and Vile Gash and you may kind of get the picture here.
An interesting sleeve, that photos don't really help with, but this thing is all one piece and folds out in the center to expose the record housing. It' the first time I've seen such an arrangement on a 7" record, and though I wouldn't wanna see this too often, this one off deal is cool.
Typical Youth Attach artwork and layout. Minimalist, dark etc. Reminds me of most of the Aerosols stuff and even the Nazi Dust demo and 7".
This could definitely be lumped into the whole mysterious guy hardcore style popularised by bands like Cult Ritual and Sex Vid rehashing Void and mid era Black Flag, and while alot of said style is shit, these guys manage to pull it off to a degree. Like I said, this is just their demo, I am interested to see, what with all of the hype they seem to be surrounded by now, if they can carry the momentum into a new recording. Time will tell.


Bogan said...

have you got that release on youth attack that is basically bone awl worship? cant remember what it was called

Sean said...

there's a couple bands like that on youth attack at the moment mate, of which none of I am fond. check Grinning Death's Head and The Arts. shitty hipster black metal.