Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fuck Mountain

Here is the new EP, 'Room 5' from Melbourne thrash heads The Omen. This is the band that mad kvnt Craigos has recently joined, they play thrashy, fast hardcore ala bands like Muni Waste etc. Three songs of metal mayhem on offer here that stretch just under thirteen minutes. This was recorded completely DIY by the band themselves, and for a recording of such nature I've gotta say that it's amazing. One of the better Aussie releases of this year. I see kids liking this alot.
Craig runs Midnight Funeral Records, so I suppose you could say that this 7" is somewhat affiliated with the label, but officially this is a 'self release' and for one of Craig's efforts it's quite a bit more 'punk' in presentation. A blank center label, reasonably basic inserts etc. I explained it to him already, that this is exactly what I like in 7" records. Certainly gives it a more human feel.
And because Craig is such a ruler, and I pretty much lap up everything he does, he threw in a test press of the EP for me. Minor differences in presentation to the actual release, the sleeve is black as opposed to grey.
Thanks Graigos.

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