Saturday, October 23, 2010

I'm Stranded

Something a little out of the ordinary that I really like, this is some new 'tour' 7" that Alexisonfire was selling at recent shows here in Australia. It's got two covers of Australian legends, a Midnight Oil number, and one originally by The Saints. Both are rather well done. I read online somewhere that 200 exist. Now I don't hate this band, though apart from maybe three or four songs, I've never given that much time or energy to them at all. I heard that they were selling these through a friend, so I had another friend grab it for me when he went to see them play. Originally I had kind of planned to flip it, but I'm keen on the music, and the rather 'DIY' feel of the packaging/sleeve etc, especially from such a big band, is very cool. Certainly a keeper, for now at least.
Black and white, photocopied paper sleeve with a simple fold. What looks almost definitely like a genuine cut and paste layout too. Simple blank, stamped center labels. Black vinyl. Dine Alone Records.

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