Saturday, October 23, 2010

Bones And Dust

I've loosely followed Acid Reflux since their first s/t 7" and it's safe to say that over the course of the two EP's since, the band hasn't made any overly large changes to their sound. 80's mid west is what you get here I suppose on this, their 'Moves' 7". Expect a healthy dose of bouncy/hooky riffs and snotty vocals too. It's note worthy I guess, that this record is probably their roughest recording to date (not that rough though), and while I do like it alot, I have always had a bit more of a boner for the bands first 7". That release's prefect mix really leant itself to a good conveyance of crazy energy and speed. Something that last years 'Secret Power' 7" and this EP both kind of lack. Anyway, blame No Way Records for this. Black vinyl with the regular cover of 700. 100 were also pressed on red and there was a limited tour cover of 200 with black vinyl.
Three EP's in three years. Time for an LP?

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