Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Stench Of Burning Death

Here's the 2010 reissue of 'Horrified' by Michigan's Repulsion, thanks to Relapse Records. The band never recorded any proper releases, only a handful of demos, of which all are compiled here. This LP first surfaced in 1989 thanks to the Carcass label imprint thing, Necrosis. Relapse then reissued it a couple times, Southern Lord did it in 2006, and now Relapse are doing it again. Say what you will, but more than half of todays grind bands probably never would have happened if it wasn't for this band and LP, so much influence amongst these sounds, it's a shame though that they go so criminally underrated. Nice, thick, 180g wax, on blaaaccckkkk. Take note of the iconic artwork by Michael Grossklaus.
Obligatory collage insert of live/partying photos, as you'd certainly expect.


Bogan said...

you should chase down the gatefold version mate, it has some extra tracks apparently.

think it was released by some japanese label a few years back

Survivalist said...

the southern lord version of a few years ago was a double LP that had all the extra material from the relapse 2xCD if that's what you're refering to

Bogan said...

thats the one!

dunno why i thought of a jap label... must of been thinking of the Slaughter reissues haha

but yeah those extra tracks are worthwhile i recon, when your over next sean ill hook you up if you dont have the cd version

Sean said...

bogan, are you dan? cant see your profile.

Bogan said...

yah its me, dont have a profile for this kinda stuff mang