Friday, September 10, 2010

Got Me On The Line

Here is the Bridge 9 reissue of Thou Shalt Not Kill. After mountains of speculation from hardcore internet warriors about what the layout would be, and if the label would keep it true to the OG, it's turned out virtually exactly the same as the original, only a few tiny B9 logos added to the end product. The label pressed three colours, here it is on green. This is the most limited colour, but I'm not sure of the numbers, no info has been released as of yet. When I heard this was happening the only colour that I wanted was green. Very happy. To get green, you had to buy it as part of a package deal that included a shirt and poster also.
Everything is the same as I said, there's the back, just with a small B9 logo at the bottom.
Insert is the same, except the old shirt offer is obviously excluded.
The other side of the layout, a new picture and a new, short scribe by the bands main man, Nunzio.
Red vinyl.
White vinyl. Both red and white were easily available, and I think they both still are as I write this.
All in the family. My OG copy on the far left, then the scrappy bootleg from a while back, then the new ones. I could have posted the reissue LP too, then I thought fuck that.
Insert comparisons. Only obvious differences, which I've already mentioned.
The only flaw of the entire reissue in my opinion, is the fact that the new versions weren't pressed with a 45 hole. I was really hoping that they would get such treatment, but alas, no. Bugger. I'm happy that they kept the center sticker the same though. The CD version is this exact label too. I considered buying it just so I could post about it, I still may.
And some shirts. Buy the one on the far left, I don't need it any more.

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